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Our facilities provide

  • Circuit board level engineering and repair
  • Complete in-house landing gear overhaul
  • Environmentally controlled Avionics Lab
  • State-of-the-art plating and surface treatment
  • Custom tooling and anodes for complex plating

Landing gear MRO facility
Valencia California

The world leader in landing gear overhaul and repair. Delivering the highest quality overhaul services since 1955.
Continuously striving to exceed our customers' expectations

Avionics, Instruments, and Accessories MRO facility                                Freeport, New York

Providing customers world wide with industry best quality and cost effective repair services.


Advanced Surface Technologies, Plating, and Tooling

Valencia California

Exceeding the highest environmental and air quality standards utilizing state of the art facilities and equipment.

Capabilities from nose to tail

Learn more our about our extensive capabilities

SUNVAIR AEROSPACE GROUP CAPABILITIES Learn more about Sunvair Aerospace Group capabilities

Global certifications give you peace of mind

National and international certifications and ISO/AS audits help ensure our reliability

VIEW CERTIFICATIONS View the Sunvair Aerospace Group's Certifications


Sunvair Aerospace Group

29145 The Old Road

Valencia CA 91355 USA